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Museum of You

Museum of You is a reality web series about the places we live and the stuff we own. New videos every month.

Latest episode:

Joshua Byron, a non-binary storyteller based in Brooklyn, talks about how and why they made their first zine, Sincere Hate.”

Past episodes:

Two Rooms with Thomas Baldwin
Thomas Baldwin likes to surround himself with stuff that reminds him of his friends. In this episode, Thomas shows us just a few of those things, plus his large collection of hats, in both his old apartment and his new apartment.

Two Ribbons with Alyssa Dempsey
In this episode, amateur baker Alyssa Dempsey tells the story of her first and third place wins at last year’s Vermont State Fair.


Art & animation by Emily Tat
Theme: You’ll Not Care” by Morning Comes Early
Created by Adam Cecil

If you’d like to be on Museum of You, please e-mail me at adam@museumofyou.xyz

Posted on 7/15/2019

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